Warped Happiness: Happiness is the Key to Success (Canvas)

Size: 12″ × 16″
Depth: Standard (0.75")



We are proud to be a UK run business. All our prints are designed in the UK by our in-house digital artist and printed/shipped from our European factory.


This piece was created in lockdown of a worldwide pandemic. The ideology really stemmed from people having to keep a smile on their face even in the rough times when our freedom to enjoy life has been restricted for so long.

Hence the warped happiness effect - insinuating that those smiles are starting to wear off as it begins to effect people and we're constantly having to remind ourselves to push through and be happy.

Secondary to this, we want to push the key message here outside of the design aspects and that's to keep the core focus on HAPPINESS.

We push a lot of money orientated designs and luxuries. But the truth is, all of those elements of success come in secondary to the one key thing that should be valued as the ultimate success - and that is being happy.

Your happiness is the most important factor in all of this, especially in your entrepreneurial journey.

Building a business that you have no interest, passion or fulfilment for - is only going to cause you to begin to feel like you're working in a job. It removes the fun factor and will start to affect your happiness.

Make sure there is purpose. Make sure there is passion and fulfilment and most of all - make sure you're happy.

Your happiness is what keeps you going and wakes you up in the morning ready to own your day.

Once you've obtained this key element, you've already won. Regardless of how far you've come financially.

You've achieved the greatest success in life.



Use the below guide to help you choose which size canvas is best for you.


Durable, gallery quality canvas art. Our pieces are handmade and build to stand the test of time with no colour fade. Inspiration that will last a lifetime. Designed for indoor use.

Every piece is an original design, created by our in-house Digital Artist.

Unique, original, exclusive art pieces that can only be found here at elitecity.co

  • 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Cotton fabric
  • Wooden frame (includes canvas wedges to prevent canvas sagging & pre-installed sawtooth hanger)
  • High image quality and detail - no colour loss/fading
  • For indoor use
  • 3D wrapped
  • Available in two depth thicknesses (standard 0.75" and gallery 1.5")
  • All pieces carefully packaged and bubble wrapped TWICE for extra protection
  • Responsive Customer Service Team. Struggling with what piece to buy for your home, office or gym? Get in touch with our personal ELITE shopper using our live chat and get a response within hours!
  • All canvas prints are branded with our logo on the rear, representing a truly original ELITE CITY piece of artwork that you can be proud to own. Enjoy the ultimate ELITE experience!



Looking for damage-free, easy installation? No problem! We recommend purchasing some command strips from Amazon to hang your pieces. You can purchase them here: https://amzn.to/3cOxgW3

  • Keeps frames flat and secure to the wall, discreet strips are hidden behind the canvas
  • Strips lock & relock so canvas can be removed and repositioned at any time
  • Holding power: 4 sets of strips can hold one canvas weighing up to 7.2kg, measuring up to 24" x 36"
  • Easy to apply, no need for nails, screws or drills

Alternatively, we ensure every canvas includes a pre-installed sawtooth hanger on the rear of the frame so they are simply ready to hang on your wall! All you need to do is hammer in a nail to hold up your piece and you're away.

Start enjoying your inspiring piece of artwork within minutes of unboxing!




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